Joomla Training Packages

Training is provided in small group sessions (no larger than 4), however larger sessions can be accommodated. Please select from the packages below for more details on each. If you require more information please get in touch and I'll be glad to help.

All prices are per person.



This course covers the essentials for daily management. All you need to know about content, menus and users. Duration 4 hours. Price £240.

Logging into/out-of system

Article Manager

Adding articles

Categories and structure

Media Manager

Creating image directories

Uploading and deleting images

User manager

User administration including creating users, editing users, setting access levels, blocking users, deleting users

Menu Manager

Creating & Configuring Main Menu and sub-menu items

Assigning menus to articles

Setting The Home Page

Content Manager

Planning your content structure

Creating, editing and deleting article categories

Creating, editing and deleting articles

Publishing and unpublishing content, timed publishing/unpublishing

Article Manager Options

Module Manager

Basic use of Custom HTML Module

Publishing & unpublishing modules in template positions


This course covers more advanced features of maintaining your website, including site configuration, updates and security. Duration 4 hours. Price £240

System Manager

Global Configuration

SEO settings

Global Check In

Clearing The Cache

System Information

Template Manager

Template positions


Component Manager

Configuring and using components

Module Manager

Configuring and using modules

Plugin Manager

Configuring and using plugins

Site Security

Good practice


Website Backups

Keeping Joomla and all extensions, modules and plug-ins up to date


If there's a particular aspect of Joomla or specific features (e.g forms or downloads) you would like to focus on, I'm able to offer a customised package. 

Some possible training areas may be;

Template Customisation

Colours and layout

Off Site Backups 




Custom Forms

Email alerts

Social Media Integration


Accepting Online Payments

Online Shop

Creating a Development Area

Server Setup

Local replication

Before the training we will discuss your requirements and I'll create a custom training plan. Charged at £60 per hour.

What's included?

Custom course tailored to your requirements
Personalised manual tailored to your individual training course, provided in both PDF format and electronically.
One hour of free email support after training has finished (support only, not site maintenance).


What's not included?

Private development site £100 - a temporary training site ( that you can work on during the training. Practice without worrying about effecting your live website. It will be available for 30 days after the training session has ended,  it will then be deleted. 

Additional training hours charged at £60 per hour.

Travel expenses £0.50p per mile from Belfast BT9 to and from your location