Chrome “disable developer mode extensions” pop up

This is how to get rid of that popup appearing every time you create your own local extension in Chrome.Create a .bat file and name it `DevWarningPatch.bat`. Save this to the desktop.Add the contents below to the bat file.<# :@echo offcopy/b "%~f0" "%temp%\%~n0.ps1" >nulpowershell -ExecutionPolicy bypass -noprofile -file "%temp%\%~n0.ps1" "%c...
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Laravel and XAMPP

Instructions on how to get up and running with Laravel on an XAMPP environment.Assuming XAMPP has already been installed, the steps involved are;​download composer from here and install it a folder in htdocs named 'laravel'open a command prompt and cd to this newly created directory cd c:\xampp\htdo...
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Omeka Install & Setup LAMP

Having worked with Omeka the past few days I'll explain how to set it up on a LAMP stack. Firstly, what is Omeka? Well, taken from their website; is web-publishing platform that allows anyone with an account to create or collaborate on a website to display collections and build digital exhibitions. No technical skills or special server req...
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A Very Chrome Kiosk

I recently had to create a web application that would be used on a public touch screen kiosk. The kiosk had be be secure, and require certain custom functionality - explained below.The web app would be built using html/php and running on a LAMP stack, nothing too advanced. The most important thing regarding the kiosk way that it offered a...
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Java Keytool Keystore Commands

Here's a list of some useful Java keytool keystore commands;Java Keytool Commands for Creating and ImportingThese commands allow you to generate a new Java Keytool keystore file, create a CSR, and import certificates. Any root or intermediate certificates will need to be imported before importing the primary certificate for your domain.Generate a J...
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SSL Certs & Apache Tomcat

​Some tips on dealing with SSL Certificates and Apache Tomcat. If you have to renew your SSL cert or install a new one hopefully these instructions will help.I'll be using Apache Tomcat 7, so the steps may differ with other servers.Firstly you have to generate a CSR on the server (basically a single file), and then send this to whoever you are plan...
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FTP Users & Windows Server 2012

In order to add FTP users to Windows Server 2012 r2 follow these steps. This example users XAMPP Control Panel v3.2.1 however the process is the same for other versions.Firstly open the XAMPP control panel as an administratorInstall the Filezilla Module as a service by clicking the 'Service' box to the left of the 'Module' nameThis will ask you to ...
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Netflix Stuck at 25%

Does your Netflix shows stop at 25% too? Seems to be a common issue that is effecting many people however Netflix are unable to provide a solution. Restarting the app, box, internet connection, cache, settings etc seems to have no effect. Perhaps it's related to the make/model of tv? Nope. Leads changed? Yep. Able to Chromecast? Yep. The frust...
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Considering some web development work with PHP, MySQL and Apache and not sure which to go for? I've gathered some useful information that hopefully should help in the decision making.WAMPP is available only for Windows. XAMPP is available for multiple OS's.Obviously if you want to use WAMP you need to use Windows, otherwise the choice is prett...
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Joomla! 3.4.5 Released

​Joomla! 3.4.5 is now available. This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla which addresses a critical security vulnerability. Joomla strongly recommends that you update your sites immediately. This release only contains the security fixes; no other changes have been made compared to the Joomla 3.4.4 release. Version 3.4...
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Google Opinion Rewards

​A pretty east way to earn some free Google credit.Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app from Google that pays you for filling out short surveys. All you need to do is download and install the app, then fill out some basic info about yourself. Once you are setup, surveys randomly show up here or there focusing on a variety of topics. Some are...
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Web Server /var/www Permissions

Changing the permissions of web /var/www folder in Ubuntu.


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Server Performance With perfmon

How to monitor server performance with perform.

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Error Handling via PHP

Instructions on setting up error logging via PHP.


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FTP Permissions vsftpd

Having issues with file permissions and uploading?


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How To Configure vsftpd Ubuntu

A quick guide in installing vsftpd in Ubuntu 14.04


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MySQL Replication Resync

Instructions on how to resync a MySQL slave/master replication.


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Virtual Hosts

If you are using XAMPP you will probably want to setup VHosts.

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Piwik Email Confusion

Emails not sending in Piwik Analytics?

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JD McPherson - Signs & Signifiers

Think Little Richard crossed with Fats Domino.

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September 1, 2015
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This is how to get rid of that popup appearing every time you create your own local extension in Chrome.Create a .bat file and name it `DevWarningPatch.bat`. Save this to the desktop.Add the contents ...
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