Ubuntu Remotely Connect to MySQL Database

In order to remotely access a MySQL database in Ubuntu it's necessary to edit the following file;  /etc/mysql/my.cnf  Find the following line;  bind-address =  Comment it out, and change it to the following;  #bind-address =  bind-address =  You then need to restart the MySQL service us...
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Omeka Install & Setup LAMP

Having worked with Omeka the past few days I'll explain how to set it up on a LAMP stack. Firstly, what is Omeka? Well, taken from their website; Omeka.net is web-publishing platform that allows anyone with an account to create or collaborate on a website to display collections and build digital exhibitions. No technical skills or special server re...
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Web Server /var/www Permissions

Changing the permissions of web /var/www folder in Ubuntu.


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Guest - Susan Hermiston Virtual Hosts
October 7, 2015
Wow 747 just blew me away. Sorry not a tech person at all!! But I still love you!! Rock on!!?
Guest - Johmny Invisible Mouse Cursor Ubuntu & Synergy
September 2, 2015
Glad I was ble to help!
Guest - Kristian Falk Invisible Mouse Cursor Ubuntu & Synergy
September 1, 2015
Thank you for this! Had the exact same problem. I almost went crazy.

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