A Very Chrome Kiosk

I recently had to create a web application that would be used on a public touch screen kiosk. The kiosk had be be secure, and require certain custom functionality - explained below.The web app would be built using html/php and running on a LAMP stack, nothing too advanced. The most important thing regarding the kiosk way that it offered a...
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Netflix Stuck at 25%

Does your Netflix shows stop at 25% too? Seems to be a common issue that is effecting many people however Netflix are unable to provide a solution. Restarting the app, box, internet connection, cache, settings etc seems to have no effect. Perhaps it's related to the make/model of tv? Nope. Leads changed? Yep. Able to Chromecast? Yep. The frust...
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Sony ZX310 On-Ear Headphones

Look good and sound excellent for the price. Thinking of paying £300+ for earphones? That's [maybe] justifiable if you're a DJ or in the music business..

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Guest - Susan Hermiston Virtual Hosts
October 7, 2015
Wow 747 just blew me away. Sorry not a tech person at all!! But I still love you!! Rock on!!?
Guest - Johmny Invisible Mouse Cursor Ubuntu & Synergy
September 2, 2015
Glad I was ble to help!
Guest - Kristian Falk Invisible Mouse Cursor Ubuntu & Synergy
September 1, 2015
Thank you for this! Had the exact same problem. I almost went crazy.

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