Airbnb £25 Discount Code

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Tsohost UK Web Host Review & Promo Discount Code

I recently moved hosts from SiteGround to Tsohost, mainly because my SiteGround renewal was coming in at far too much money for what I was receiving in my opinion. My first year was approximately £90, whereas my second year was approximately double this at £180 - for no extra services. I began my hunt for an alternative provider... enter ...
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A Very Chrome Kiosk

I recently had to create a web application that would be used on a public touch screen kiosk. The kiosk had be be secure, and require certain custom functionality - explained below. The web app would be built using html/php and running on a LAMP stack, nothing too advanced. The most important thing regarding the kiosk way that it offered ...
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Google Opinion Rewards

​A pretty east way to earn some free Google credit. Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app from Google that pays you for filling out short surveys.  All you need to do is download and install the app, then fill out some basic info about yourself. Once you are setup, surveys randomly show up here or there focusing on a variety of topics. Some a...
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GoSpeaky - Language Learning

If you're learning a new language you may wanna try out this new free interactive website...

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Vegas Baby

View from my hotel room in Las Vegas.

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Guest - Susan Hermiston Virtual Hosts
October 7, 2015
Wow 747 just blew me away. Sorry not a tech person at all!! But I still love you!! Rock on!!?
Guest - Johmny Invisible Mouse Cursor Ubuntu & Synergy
September 2, 2015
Glad I was ble to help!
Guest - Kristian Falk Invisible Mouse Cursor Ubuntu & Synergy
September 1, 2015
Thank you for this! Had the exact same problem. I almost went crazy.

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