If This Then That

If This Then That

Have you tried IFTTT - an advanced web app that allows users to automate tasks. It works on the simple premise: If this (happens) then (do) that.


Essentially, the service allows you to set up recipes, which each use two different channels. One of these channels serves as a trigger, and the other as an action. The channels correspond to different websites or services: Facebook, Gmail, Pocket, and Dropbox are just a few of the options available to you. 

There are some very useful actions (and some not so), again it comes down to creativity and how much time you have on your hands I suppose? Simple tasks like

  • auto-retweeting
  • sending emails to yourself based on blog posts,
  • receiving a phone call when your competitor updates their Facebook page
  • auto-save your Instagram photos to DropBox
  • get updated via text/email when free music becomes available
  • get emails for new posts from any Craigslist search
  • record a phone call
  • turn on wifi/mute/ring/vibrate when you are in a certain area

The possibilities are endless, and fun. I'll show some examples of how the services can be used, and if you have used it in any other way let us know!

IFTTT is quite similar to Tasker and according to MakeUseOf - 

If you’ve already been using IFTTT on the Web and are an Android user, it’s a no-brainer to install the Android app. But if you already use Tasker to automate your Android, is IFTTT worth adopting? I believe the answer is yes. Let’s take a look at how the services are different and how to maximize productivity by using them both.
The first and most obvious difference is that Tasker is much more complex than IFTTT. If you’re new to Android or don’t consider yourself proficient with technology in general, Tasker will likely seem daunting to you at first. IFTTT is a good way to ease yourself into the world of automation, with its straightforward “if this, then that” flow.

Personally I find IFTTT much easier to use and the web interface is simply stunning. It's worthwhile experimenting with both and seeing which suits your needs best, there are a number of these 'make your like easier' apps out there, but IFTTT is by far the best I've encountered so far.

It's also worth noting that if you are slightly concerned about your partners dubious instagram pics.. theres a recipie for that ;)

Check out IfThisThenThat here.





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April 12, 2021

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