Design Process

Design Process

What is involved in the design process?

Lets face it, anybody with a computer and access to a [semi] decent photo editing program like Photoshop or even GIMP can design you a logo. However, not anybody can design a good logo. I am not an expert, and doubt that many people would claim to be because design is so subjective as is any art. There are however a few simple rules and procedures that you should [probably] follow should you find yourself designing a logo for a client.

  • Find out who they are, what they do and if the initial requiremtnts.
  • Get as much company info as possible
    • What does the company do?
    • Who are the company’s typical customers?
    • Who are the company’s business competitors?
    • Does the company have existing design style guides (company colors, typefaces, etc.)?
  • Get a deposit (saves you the time and effort of designing and somebody changing their mind, or using your prototype and running)
  • Research competitors
  • Communicate with client and get feedback as much as possibly
  • Save
  • Present, send source files (if initially agreed)

Remember there is a huge difference between a logo and brand identity - that's another blog for another day.

Hopefully these simple steps will help somebody along the way.


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October 31, 2020

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