Website Features



Here's a list of features that I can implement on your new or existing website.
If you require further information please get in touch, or if you have any ideas of your own please let me know and I'll get to work!



I'll design you a new logo or update your current one.


Newsletter Sign-up

Give your visitors the option of entering their email address, and manage your newsletters via MailChimp. Create recurring email campaigns.


Image Gallery

Have you own gallery containing unlimited images with titles and descriptions. Upload in bulk, manage centrally in the admin area. Mobile friendly.


Video Gallery

Embed videos from YouTube, or upload your own. Mobile friendly.


Contacts List

Insert an unlimited amount of contacts each with their own profile page containing photo, address details and contact form.



Add an unlimited amount of dates to your calendar, display these events anywhere on your website and publish them to Twitter & Facebook.


Downloads Area

Offer your visitors the ability to download files from your site. Upload an unlimited amount of documents, files and folders. View download statistics and manage user access.


Online Form Applications

Offer online applications (e.g Job Application). I can convert any paper based form to an online version. Receive email updates on form submissions and manage centrally in admin area.


Social Media Setup

I'll setup your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube accounts. I'll also link these to your website so your Tweets & Facebook updates get posted to your website.


Ananytic Reports

If you need to know who's visiting your site, from where, what they are searching for and how they found you.. you need these. Piwik Analtyic reports contain detailed website information and can be sent to your email on a daily/weekly basis.


Member Registration

Offer your visitors the opportunity to register on your website, this way you can have public & 'member only' areas.



You know what this is. All your blogs wil auto-post to Twitter & Facebook.



A full forum, allow users to register, chat, discuss and more.



Receive payments via PayPal on your website.



If you sell products you'll probably want an online store. Sell your products, offer discount codes and manage centrally in the admin area.


Domain Name

Choose your custom domain name ( .com .me .anything etc...)



This is required in order to publish your website online. I can set this up for you (using JustHost)