Considering some web development work with PHP, MySQL and Apache and not sure which to go for? I've gathered some useful information that hopefully should help in the decision making.

WAMPP is available only for Windows. 
XAMPP is available for multiple OS's.

Obviously if you want to use WAMP you need to use Windows, otherwise the choice is pretty much optional.

I'll include one great question/answer on Stack Overflow that pretty much sums it up.

Is XAMPP (for Windows) preferred over WampServer? If so, why?

One possibility is that XAMPP is better known - or at least what people learned of first. While I heard of WampServer long before XAMPP, that may not be the most common experience.

I believe that every time I've looked, XAMPP has had more recent versions of the included software.

WampServer doesn't provide much more than Apache, MySQL, and PHP - just phpMyAdmin and SQLite, I believe. XAMPP provides phpMyAdmin, FileZilla FTP server, and Mercury Mail. Also, in spite of somewhat excluding this in the question, XAMPP includes Perl while Wampserver does not. So if Perl is needed/liked by the person making the recommendation, it seems likely that they will recommend XAMPP over WampServer.

Sex appeal. >:-> Apache Friends has pictures of attractive young people on their site. The WampServer site does not.

by GreenMatt
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