Netflix Stuck at 25%

Netflix Stuck at 25%

Does your Netflix shows stop at 25% too? Seems to be a common issue that is effecting many people however Netflix are unable to provide a solution. Restarting the app, box, internet connection, cache, settings etc seems to have no effect. Perhaps it's related to the make/model of tv? Nope. Leads changed? Yep. Able to Chromecast? Yep. 

The frustrating this is it's very difficult to test whether the 'fix' has worked, because it means playing the show again from the start and ... waiting ... Normally if you're watching a movie it will freeze at around 25 minutes into it, just as the popcorn is going down well.  

It never gets stuck at 24% or 26%... only ever 25% - why?

The issue seems to be effecting users with smart TVx, Xbox's, PS3's etc.. so no common device. 

The only work-around I have is to cast netflix via my phone and Chromecast. This works perfectly fine which is strange.

So if anybody has ideas, suggestions or tips please let me know!

You can see some tweets from other users regarding this issue aswell.

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