GoSpeaky - Language Learning

GoSpeaky - Language Learning

If you're learning a new language you may wanna try out this new free interactive website...

 In a few words, GoSpeaky is a language exchange community where you can develop your language skills with native speakers from all around the world.

On Speaky, your learn languages by practising with native speakers. Therefore, you need some 'language buddies' to practice with. You can communicate with them through the chat and video chat.

According to their website the language exchange platform on Speaky is 'entirely free and always will be'. To send a message to someone, you need to be language buddy with that person. As soon as the other person accepts your request, your new language buddy will appear on your "Messages" tab.

Practice your writing and reading skills with the chat and when the timing is right and you feel confident enough to do so, call each directly from the browser, just like you would have on Skype.

You now have no excuses to not get started…

The web address is www.gospeaky.com

update: This article was writtin in 2015 and the application has changed since then, it is now called 'Speaky' and the URL is https://www.speaky.com 

I haven't been using the site therefore can't comment on any new features since 2015, I'm sure it's still a great way to learn though.

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