FTP Users & Windows Server 2012

FTP Users & Windows Server 2012

In order to add FTP users to Windows Server 2012 r2 follow these steps. This example users XAMPP Control Panel v3.2.1 however the process is the same for other versions.

  • Firstly open the XAMPP control panel as an administrator
  • Install the Filezilla Module as a service by clicking the 'Service' box to the left of the 'Module' name
  • This will ask you to confirm, do so
  • Service should start
  • Click on 'Actions > Admin' this will open the FTP admin area
  • Edit users, add users and assign a password and home directory
  • Test this user access on another machine via the command line or Filezilla

Permissions may need to be changed after this to ensure user has sufficient upload/download rights.​

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